Why Retail Signage Matters
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Why Retail Signage Matters

Are you looking for a fast and effective way to grab your customers’ attention? There’s never been a better time to add high-quality banners and signs to your store’s atmosphere! Retail signage gives business owners the opportunity to convey important messages to their customers as soon as they walk in the door. From sale announcements to social distancing regulations, retail signage will get your message across in an inviting and visually appealing way.

Express Image offers fast and efficient retail signage printing services. Whether you’re in need of customized wall graphics or large-scale banners, our team can create vibrant messages that reel your customers into your store. There are several benefits to adding professionally printed signage to your business.

Obtain Passersby Attention

Consumers want to know what a business can offer before even entering the store. By adding attention-grabbing window graphics, you can quickly and effectively announce limited time offers, new products, and other exciting news to potential customers. Window graphics allow you to assure customers that you have the products, services, or deals they’re looking for.

Express Image is ready to help you reel in potential customers with our window graphic printing services. We can print customized graphics that match your business’s unique personality and theme. Our team will work with you to ensure your window graphic meets your specific needs and requirements. To speak with one of our members about our printing services, contact Express Image today.

Influence Purchases

Retail signage is an effective tool for leveraging sales within your store. By strategically placing eye-catching messages about new products or sales, you can influence consumers’ purchase decisions. Express Image can assist you with the development of several influential signs. From shelf talkers to banners, we’ll help you increase sales and product awareness with a variety of captivating signs.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

Many consumers view retail shopping as a source of entertainment. Retail signage allows you to jump on this concept by giving you the opportunity to engage with your consumers. Signs can be used to ask interesting questions as well as encourage customers to get involved with your business’s website or social media. Signage can also supply shoppers with fun facts and thought-provoking statements. Not only these fun signs influence your consumers to interact with your store, but they will also enhance the overall shopping experience—which can serve many shoppers as a big incentive to return to your store!

Provide Direction and Guidance

How many times have you been to a store and struggled with navigating through endless aisles and spaced out sections? With effective retail signage, you can guide your consumers to where they need to go. Strategically placing directional signage above aisles and along the walls will allow your store to provide consumers with the solutions they’re looking for. These signs give you the opportunity to add color and personality to your store while also enhancing your consumers’ shopping experience.

Additional signage guidance is also extremely effective in today’s current COVD-19 climate. With professionally printed floor graphics, you can maximize your business’s safety practices by providing consumers by clearly stating how they can socially distance themselves while shopping. Not only will this keep your consumers and employees safe, but it will also convey your company’s commitment to customer safety and satisfaction.

At Express Image, we have the expertise and equipment to develop eye-catching navigation signage for your store. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us today.

Establish Your Brand Identity

With effective marketing and consistent signage, your customers will start to connect your brand with its unique colors, fonts, voice, and style. By placing signage that effectively incorporates your brand’s personality throughout your store, you’ll be able to enhance your brand awareness.

Express Image will assist you with developing signs that capture your brand’s unique approach. When consumers enter your store, they’ll know exactly where they’re at based on the consistent visuals and verbiage.

Your Retail Signage Printers

At Express Image, we want our clients to experience all of the benefits of adding signs in their retail store. Our advanced equipment and years of printing experience allow us to create stunning retail graphics. From wall graphics to window displays, we’ll help you reach your goals with our prompt and efficient printing services.

To speak with one of our team members about how we can assist you with your retail signage, contact Express Image today at 866-482-8602.

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