How Express Image Simplifies the Proofing Process
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How Express Image Simplifies the Proofing Process

In decal printing, as well as in many other visual fields, proofing is the act of creating a mockup finished product to show the client before anything of value is actually produced. It serves a host of purposes, from providing a tool for initial design direction to ensuring the client gets the exact image they were expecting.

We at Express Image go through a thorough proofing process before we begin manufacturing. Read on to learn a little bit about it, and how we use our proofing software to make sure you get top-quality products designed exactly to your specifications.

How Express Image Simplifies Proofing

Conventionally, proofing is done by email chain. While email itself is an efficient method of communication, it was not always such when it came to finalizing designs. The sales rep would get an email from the artist who created the custom graphic, then would send off a PDF concept to the client, who would then send it back with feedback, which would be communicated to the art team -- and on and on, until the client was satisfied.

Sure, this worked, but it took far too much time! That is why Express Image uses web-based software that allows

●        Instant communication between art team, sales rep, and client—no more email loops!

●        Simple client approval—all that is needed is a button click to approve a design.

●        Intuitive markup tools—it is easy for a client to indicate if they would like any changes to the design.

What a Simplified Proofing Process Created

In a few words: quick turnaround times and the utmost in client satisfaction. Because communication is now streamlined and instantaneous, final designs can be approved quickly, as feedback or approval reaches our staff in the blink of an eye. This means that you get your OEM graphics equally as rapidly.

Our process also allows clients to specifically and directly indicate what they would like changed, if anything, which bypasses the need for lengthy calls or virtual meetings, further reducing turnaround times. Markup tools also give the client the ability to accurately visualize their concept and relate it to the current mockup, allowing us to precisely execute corrections and deliver fine-tuned results.

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