How Our Services Can Assist During COVID-19
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How Our Services Can Assist During COVID-19

It’s no secret that current standards have caused business owners and employees across the country to reassess the way they perform day-to-day procedures. New regulations as a result of COVID-19 call for strict social distancing practices and advanced hygienic procedures. As a business owner, you may be wondering how you can adhere to these new standards while still allowing your store to thrive.

Express Image is here to help you meet these new guidelines while still maintaining consistent store hours. Our floor graphic and banner services can help you sustain a safe and successful store or restaurant. Here are several ways our services will help you navigate through the new COVID-19 regulations.

Floor Graphics

If your store is considered an essential business, you may be struggling to establish social distancing guidelines while still providing customers with the services and products they need. Fortunately, floor graphics can help you maintain new social distancing regulations in a simple and hassle-free manner.

You can use interior floor graphics to clearly indicate where customers should wait in line to continue to maintain social distancing. No matter your design preferences, we’ll create the social distancing decals you need to maintain your store’s unique qualities while enforcing the new guidelines.

There are a number of businesses that can benefit from the application of eye-catching social distancing floor decals. Among those businesses are:

  • Grocery Stores | Because homeowners are in need of food and home goods while they stay at home, grocery stores may see a high influx of customers. Ensuring your customers remain safe and secure is critical for maintaining a successful grocery store.

    Floor decals can help you tell customers where they should stand while they’re waiting to check out at the registers. Customers will feel comfortable standing on the durable floor decals while they wait for their turn to check out.

  • Hospitals | Ensuring patients and visitors maintain proficient distances from each other in a hospital is important for maximizing everyone’s safety. Especially with testing for COVID-19, floor decals are essential for raising awareness and establishing safety guidelines within the hospital.
  • Pharmacies | It’s typical for pharmacies to have lines of people waiting to pick up their prescriptions, which is why you should have floor decals to properly space each customer safely away from each other. With vibrant and easy-to-read floor decals, you’ll be able to properly maintain social distancing regulations in your pharmacy.


Banners are a highly effective method of informing customers about your business’s changes while adhering to new regulations. With an eye-catching banner, you can let customers know about adjusted store hours, new hygienic regulations, curbside pickup opportunities, and new take-out requirements.

Express Image can create just about any type of banner your business needs. Depending on the type of announcement you need to convey to your customers, our team has the equipment and experience to create the banner solution you need. There are several banner options you can order for your business:

  • Banner Flags | Grab the attention of passersby with an eye-catching banner flag. Banner flags can quickly inform customers about your new curbside pickup abilities and takeout order options. If you have an essential business, a banner flag can also vividly inform customers that you’re open and you have available hours for them to access.
  • Sidewalk Sign | Clearly communicate your curbside pickup and current hours with a large sidewalk sign. By placing your sidewalk sign right outside of your restaurant, potential customers will be able to know when they can order from your business and what kind of food you offer. Your sign can also inform customers about your current hours and how you’re adhering to new safety regulations.
  • Vibrant Banners | Keep it simple with a large, noticeable banner. With a large banner, you can catch your customers’ attention by letting them know about your new hours and curbside or takeout opportunities. With a large banner, you can also clearly list your business’s phone number, website, and email address.

Your Printing Solutions Company

With the changing regulations and new health concerns related to COVID-19, it’s important to ensure your business is doing its part in following the new guidelines. Following guidelines will keep your employees and customers safe, while also establishing a sense of trust with your community.

Let your community know that safety is important to your business. At Express Image, we can create the floor graphics and banners needed to keep your business thriving while maintaining new safety guidelines.

To schedule a floor decal or banner printing service with our team of experts, contact Express Image today at 866-482-8602. We look forward to helping you maintain a successful and safe business.

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