Pre-Spaced Graphics

Pre-Spaced Window Graphics, Wall Graphics & Decals

Pre-Spaced Graphics

Display your logo or brand with an Express Image pre-spaced graphic print. We produce your pre-spaced graphics using the highest quality materials to ensure your graphic is long lasting and visually appealing.

Pre-spaced graphics are ideal for windows, walls, and OEM products, such as vehicles and outdoor machinery. We’ll help you make your brand stand out with our high-quality pre-spaced graphic printing services. To schedule a consultation with our team of expert pre-spaced graphic engineers, contact Express Image today at 866-482-8602.

What Is a Pre-Spaced Graphic?

A Pre-spaced graphic is like a normal decal, but it is made up of multiple cut shapes or letters. These cut shapes need to be applied in a “pre-spaced” manner for the finished graphic to look correct. We cut out the design and remove the parts of the image that will not be needed. We then cover the remaining cut decal pieces with what is called a mask or premask. This is a low tack paper material that holds all of the parts in their ”pre-spaced” configuration as they are removed from the backer or liner paper. This allows them to be placed in this exact spacing all at once like you would do with a normal decal. Once you have applied the pieces to the intended surface, you simply remove the mask to reveal your perfectly “Pre-Spaced” decal.

Pre-Spaced Graphic Uses

There are a number of uses for pre-spaced graphics. Pre-spaced graphics give you the look of a painted design on the surface they are applied to.

Company Logos

Get your logo seen with a large, eye-catching pre-spaced graphic. We use durable materials that fit your application, so your logo is able to remain in-tact through even the toughest weather conditions. Putting your logo on display can help make your brand memorable and recognizable to potential consumers. With a high-quality, pre-spaced graphic from Express Image, you’ll be able to proudly display your company’s logo on many OEM surfaces, windows, or walls.

Store Hours

Pre-spaced graphics is one of the best ways to display your store hours on a glass door or store front window. White letters on glass have great contrast and easily communicate to your customers.

Company Name

Proudly display your company’s name on just about any OEM product or window with a vibrant, pre-spaced graphic. Our pre-spaced graphics can go on any clean surface of your choosing. Whether you want to display your company’s name on an SUV, storefront, or kayak, our high-quality graphics will supply you with the durable layout your company’s name requires.


Let every passerby know about your store’s sale or grand opening with an attention-grabbing pre-spaced window graphic. Our professional team can provide you with a clean and exciting pre-spaced graphic capable of displaying any announcement.

Whether you have an OEM product or another clear surface, our pre-spaced graphic services will allow you to proudly display your message loud and clear. Our skilled team of printing professionals has the knowledge and expertise necessary to create beautiful and durable pre-spaced graphics. Additionally, we are also proud to use advanced equipment and high-end machinery to create our printed products.

Your Pre-Spaced Graphics Printing Company

Let your company’s unique qualities shine with the application of stunning pre-spaced graphics. Whether you want your logo proudly displayed on your newest products, or you want your company’s name to be the first thing customers see when they walk through your building’s door, the Express Image team is ready to help.

We provide top-notch customer service to ensure you get the pre-spaced graphics you need for the price you expect. We pride ourselves on our prompt response times and unmatched communication. We can answer any questions you may have throughout the process to ensure you remain confident and satisfied with your graphics.

For high-quality pre-spaced graphics, contact the Express Image team today. We are available by phone at 866-482-8602. You can also reach us by filling out our contact form or emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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