Pre-Spaced Graphics: What Are They and Their Benefits
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Pre-Spaced Graphics: What Are They and Their Benefits

Signage and branding is an important component of marketing your business to potential customers. Signage plays a key role in making your brand’s logo, name, and colors memorable. They also help you communicate with shoppers in a store setting. There are several types of signage you can get in order to accomplish various goals. Among your signage options are pre-spaced graphics.

What Are Pre-Spaced Graphics?

Pre-spaced graphics are similar to decals, but they are already cut up into various letters and shapes. When placed onto a surface, the pre-spaced graphic can replicate an image or statement. This type of signage can come in handy when you’re in need of additional branding, personalized decor, or customer communication. Common uses for pre-spaced graphics include:

●        Logos

●        Quotes or Statements

●        Store Hours

●        Window Graphics

●        Decorative

Highly durable and long-lasting, pre-spaced graphics are the perfect type of signage for many of your decorative and functional needs. At Express Image, we take great care and precision into creating each graphic. We’ll start by cutting out the pieces of the actual design and removing the unnecessary excess parts from the graphic. We’ll then cover the selected pieces with a mask or pre-mask. Masks allow the pieces to remain in their “pre-spaced”—the form that your customers or users will see.

When the graphic is ready to be placed on the equipment, wall, window, or other designated surface, each piece will be able to secure in the exact position it’s designed to be in. After securely placing the graphic where it needs to go, the mask will simply be removed in order to complete the application.

The Benefits of Pre-Spaced Graphics

From enhancing your company’s brand awareness to completing the look to your OEM machine, there are a number of benefits to using professionally printed pre-spaced graphics. Pre-spaced graphics allow you to capture your brand’s unique personality and communicate with your customers in an effective and visually appealing method. When deciding whether you need this graphic or not, consider the following advantages:

●        Display Brand Personality

Do you have a logo, tagline, or design you want to include in your store or on your products? Pre-spaced graphics are an excellent way to showcase your brand personality and values on your products or throughout your office or store.

●        Show Off Your Values

Pre-spaced graphics allow you to display phrases and statements on your store or office’s walls. Show visitors what your company cares about by including your company values and promises with legible and eye-catching pre-spaced graphics.

●        Communicate Critical Messages

Pre-spaced graphics give you the opportunity to tell customers or visitors about important rules or pieces of information. With a professionally printed pre-spaced graphic, you can clearly state your business’s store hours and requirements before anyone can even walk through the door

Contact Express Image Print Today

Do you have an image or message you want to display? Express Image is ready to help with our fast and effective pre-spaced graphic printing services. No matter your design, we have the skills, experience, and equipment to make your pre-spaced graphic stand out. We’ll manufacture your graphic using high-quality materials so you can count on it to last long. To get started on your service, contact Express Image today at 866-482-8602.

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