What Are UL Labels and How Do You Get One Made?
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What Are UL Labels and How Do You Get One Made?

No matter what industry you produce for, you want your customers to know that your products are high-quality – that is a given! But when every company out there desires this and makes this claim, it can be hard for the consumer to decipher who is telling the truth. What quality means to a company is subjective.

When every business claims to be the best, how can a customer tell what is best for them?

UL Labels Are a Promise of Performance

Luckily, for those companies who make electrical devices and fire safety products, there exists a method of differentiating themselves in the madness of the market: the UL Label System. This system acts as both a marker of quality and a display of a device’s reliability, letting customers and competition alike know that the given product is the real deal.

Underwriters Laboratories, a private-owned safety consulting and certification company, is the sole entity that controls whether or not a product can receive a UL Label. Though, as we said, they are not government-owned, their clout in various industries, namely electrical devices and fire safety products, makes consumers take note of their opinion of a given product – if it displays a UL Label, in other words.

What Does the UL Labeling Process Look Like?

In short, a UL Label says that your product meets certain quality specifications set by a well-respected company. But what does the process of getting one for a given item look like?

1.      A label printing design is assessed.

The UL Label printing company submits samples and specifications of all materials used to create the proposed UL construction to a UL Label Center for approval. This ensures that all the required info for that given product is displayed in an acceptable, legible fashion and that the materials used by the UL Label printer can stand up to specific “occupational hazards” and environmental conditions that the product may face while being used.

A product is tested.

Once Underwriters Laboratories deems the product worthy, it communicates to the manufacturer that its mark of approval can be added and it meets the specific UL specifications.

2.      An Underwriters-Laboratories-approved label printing company can then produce the label.

By requiring that only certified companies can perform this branch of label printing, it is ensured that the consistent high standards are followed when producing the label for you..

Looking for a Local UL Label Printing Company?

Express Image is here to help! Because we are authorized to both design and print UL Labels, working with us streamlines this multi-step process and gets your high-quality product on the market with its designating label sooner.

Combine that with Express Image’s top-notch customer service and fast turnarounds to begin with and you would be hard-pressed to find speedier UL label printers! Give our Saint Paul office a call today at 866-482-8602.

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