3 Ways to Use Floor Graphics in Your Retail Store
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3 Ways to Use Floor Graphics in Your Retail Store

It’s widely theorized that eye-level products sell better, so why invest in retail signage that goes on your floor? While you might not be selling a product with them in all cases, they no doubt contain significant information, so why put them in a space that isn’t the focal point of many shoppers? It’s a question that might perplex you if you work in the retail industry, even with your expansive knowledge.

As professional producers of permanent floor decals, we at Express Image are here to enlighten. We’re one of the leaders in the printing industry, and we wouldn’t have gotten there if each of our printing services didn’t serve a valuable purpose to our customers.

Let’s discuss some of the practical applications of floor decals: what they do, where you can put them, and why your store should consider adding them to your roster of retail signage.

Floor Decals: The Ins and Outs

Though their positioning may not seem ideal at first glance, floor decals make use of their unique position to draw the eye of your customers. By breaking up an otherwise uniform floor with vibrant graphics, they create a contrast which causes a customer to snap to attention.

In other words: it’s precisely because nothing is generally on your floor that something is so eye-catching when it’s there!

In a more concrete sense, custom floor decals can be used for plenty of practical purposes, such as:

●        Social distancing reminders. It’s all too common to forget, even though the Coronavirus has been a reality for quite some time now. Help your customers stay healthy and show your store is doing its part with safety floor decals! See our line of in stock floor decals here: 

●        Spreading the word about a sale. Floor graphics can be used to not only alert customers of a sale, but also guide the way to the merchandise!

●        Keeping customers controlled and comfortable. If your store tends to accrue long lines, floor decals can help keep things organized and stress-free. No customer wants a stressful shopping experience, after all.

Contact Express Image for Tough-as-Nails Floor Decals

Because of their location, floor decals must put up with quite a bit of physical abuse out of necessity. Make sure your graphics are durable and long lasting by choosing Express Image! Send us a message online today, or give our St. Paul office a call now at 866-482-8602.

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