Decals and Your Brand: What Is the Association?
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Decals and Your Brand: What Is the Association?

Branding is all the rage in a variety of industries these days, and for good reason. By building an image a customer can trust, that customer is bound to return again and again, becoming a steady source of product for the producer.

As effective as branding is, it does take a great deal of thought to create your company’s brand. There is a reason it is referred to as “building a brand,” after all! Aside from everything else involved, every part of your product must be scrutinized, including your OEM graphics and custom graphic overlays, because these are more important than they appear at first glance.

OEM Labels and Other Graphics Say Loads About Your Company

If a graphic begins to peel or fade, it is often the first thing that users will notice when taking a look at your product. Even if a machine is as good as new on the inside, if it does not faithfully look the part on the outside, it is often deemed prematurely old and unreliable right off the bat. That does no favors for your company’s image, nor of those whom you have worked with to make that product.

Long-lasting OEM decals, on the other hand, positively impact your brand:

●        They reduce safety-related incidents by reliably displaying critical information, showing that your company prioritizes safety.

●        They keep products looking new for longer, implying that your company values quality.

●        Aesthetically inclined graphic overlays can proudly showcase your company’s style, boosting memorability.

In short, though they may be surface-level fixtures, well-done decals communicate a variety of positive things to users about what your company does, giving you ample building blocks to craft a company-wide image.

The Bigger Picture: Why Consistent Decal Performance Is Relevant to Brand Building

On a broader scale, well-done decals show that your brand values consistency, even though your decal company is the one largely responsible for it!

In large-scale operations, employers often buy large quantities of a given product to supply each of their workers. When the decals on the product keep their like new looks on a workforce-wild scale, it not only makes an impression on workers, but on the higher-ups who purchase your product in the first place.

Depending on where you are on the supply chain and how visible your work is, these higher-ups could then associate your company with such a virtue, which is a great start to building a brand.

Express Image: Here to Help With High-Performance Graphics

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