The Many Uses of Fabricated Plastic
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The Many Uses of Fabricated Plastic

Fabricated plastic sounds a bit paradoxical, does it not? All plastic is fabricated, and by that we mean man-made, not occurring in nature.

While that may be true, fabricated plastic refers to a certain craft and an industry, and we at Express Image of Saint Paul are here to educate and enlighten.

What Are Fabricated Plastics?

To understand in what circumstances fabricated plastics might be used, it is first necessary to understand precisely what they are.

While the term is broad and involves a variety of techniques, fabricated plastics generally refers to using plastic to make a variety of parts. It is quite a bit more complicated than it sounds, though. Plastic can be combined, welded, laminated, extruded, die cut, machined and molded before the final product is fit to be seen. Oftentimes, computerized machines are used to ensure consistency and quick turnaround times.

Not all applications of plastic fabrication are necessarily related to mechanical uses, nor are they always used as OEM components. For example, a plastic fabrication company can sometimes be engaged in toy-making, though Express Image produces more practical plastic fabrication products, such as gasketsm plastic/nylon washers, low friction or self lubricating slides.

Parts of Wholes

With the implementation of CNC technologies, plastic fabrication services like those we provide have become more precise, versatile, and productive than ever. Many parts of a larger product that must be consistent and produced in a high-volume fashion are good candidates for plastic fabrication.

Taking advantage of fabricated plastic’s strengths and the great service of Express Image is an amazing way to get your brand noticed, even when the environment around your display is disorganized and chaotic.

Express Image Is Your Number-One Saint Paul Plastic Fabrication Company

With cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team, you’ll find no better partner in plastic fabrication. Give our Saint Paul office a call today at 866-482-8602.

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