Graphic Overlays: What are They and How are They Used?
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Graphic Overlays: What are They and How are They Used?

Without context, a graphic overlay can refer to something illy categorized as a sticker, or it can become something as specific as a decorative cover for a video game console.

Regardless, when graphic overlays are made by Express Image, they are serious business. And thanks to their variety of applications, you must consider how and where wythe will be used when designing them.

What Are Graphic Overlays?

Simply put, they are a durable graphic that can hold up to abrasion and are chemically resistant. They often outline or otherwise highlight crucial or hazardous machine parts or displays and harmonize with them, creating a unified and put-together picture.

It is important to note that a graphic overlay printing is simply a subsurface printed graphic; there is no circuitry or integration with the final product aside from aesthetics. That does not mean, though, that they are not important or widely used! Indeed, graphic overlays can serve a variety of purposes, including

Promoting Your Brand

In today’s competitive marketplace, differentiating your products from others of a similar caliber is all the more important. One way that many businesses are choosing to do this is by increasing their focus on branding – building a unique image for your company.

Through unique yet functional design (something that Express Image specializes in), your custom graphic overlays can play a pivotal role in defining your business’s brand.  Graphic Overlays give your product a higher perceived value as they have a more refined finish than a standard label and will continue to look like new outdoors much longer than a standard decal.

Keeping Future Product Users Safe

Graphic overlay manufacturers like us also create products that promote user safety. Alongside brand promotion, safety is an integral reason that the custom graphic overlays you invest in are not only vivid, but long-lasting – both characteristics that Express Image’s products provide. If you have a hazardous area on your equipment that needs to be clearly marked and follow ANSI standards, you want to make sure that it is clearly visible for the long term. Your legal department will thank you for going the extra mile to ensure user safety.

Anything Else You Can Think of

Because custom graphic overlays are obviously custom, they can be designed to fit nearly any industry labeling requirement or aesthetic desire.

The applications of this product are incredibly versatile, and with a solutions-oriented producer like Express Image on your side, you will discover all the ways custom graphic overlays can set your product apart.

Express Image has All Your Graphic Overlay Needs Covered

We handle everything from OEM graphics to decal printing with our constantly communicative approach and cutting edge technology. You deserve only the best custom graphic overlays around, so contact our Saint Paul facility today at 866-482-8602.

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