How Express Image Can Help Maintain COVID-19 Guidelines at Your Business
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How Express Image Can Help Maintain COVID-19 Guidelines at Your Business

As March dawns, it is plain to see that the current pandemic has yet to subside. Even though it is difficult, and even though it is stressful, your business must continue to strive to implement social distancing and other safety-buffing requirements; it is only the ethical thing to do.

How Can I Ensure the Health of My Workers and Clients?

You are only one person. In other words, you cannot be in two places at once, and given that your customers and staff obviously consistently congregate in more than one area, you have little way to know if the recommended guidelines are actually being followed.

You need to keep your workers and clients safe. You need peace of mind. You need the help of Express Image.

How Can a Signage Company Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus?

We are not a sanitization company, and we are not healthcare. But with our wall decal and retail signage expertise, we can provide the reminders your employees and customers need to keep themselves safe when you are not there to supervise.

●        Create “mask up” signs and remind everyone of masking’s importance. Not only does masking help to keep the virus under wraps, but as of the time of writing this, wearing a mask indoors in public places is Minnesota law. Remind everyone of their civic and legal duties with attractive in-store signage from Express Image.

●        Remind people to keep their space with floor decals. We have already written about the profitable uses of floor decals in businesses, but they can do a lot to keep the public safe, too. Create orderly cues with our safety floor decals near checkout lines and in aisles to prompt employees and customers alike to maintain the distance needed.

●        Provide employees with extra PPE resources and invest in face shields. You care about your workers, so do not just give them lip service. Show your compassion with polyester face shields from Express Image and make time on the clock as safe and stress-free as can be.

Get the Products You Need to Make Your Safety Procedures a New Industry Standard

With our customizable solutions, top-notch design team, and fast turnaround times, your business can set itself ahead of the rest in minimizing COVID transmissions. Take the necessary steps to protect anyone who comes in contact with your company and give our Saint Paul office a call at 866-482-8602 to get started.


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