3 Qualities of Great Retail Signage
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3 Qualities of Great Retail Signage

Just slap your logo on a flooring decal, retail banner, or wall decal, and that’s great retail signage, right? The point of retail signage is to expand your brand and make your store more inviting, and what better way to do that than a unified aesthetic and putting your company’s name everywhere.

While you of course want to increase brand awareness with any sort of retail signage, that’s not all that it can do – take it from a provider of retail printing services!

Retail signage can do everything from informing customers of bargain buys to providing direction and enforcing safety regulations. Thus, the process of making the best retail signage out there becomes a little more multifaceted and complicated.

But don’t throw in the towel on your in-store signage project just yet: Express Image is here to help! During our 70 years of experience in the printing industry, we’ve helped many clients just like you maximize the benefits of their retail signage, and we’re happy to share what’s made our success stories possible.

Examining What Makes Quality Retail Signage

Quality is a vague word. It means something different in each industry and context that it appears in. When it comes to retail signage, the definition is consistent across stores, hence why we have used our understanding of it to streamline our process and deliver satisfying results.

Quality retail signage:

●        Has vivid colors. Even if your store’s color scheme tends on the milder side, accurate printing of those colors is essential, lest your brand’s unified image fall apart. That’s why it’s important to find a printing partner like Express Image who has the advanced technology to faithfully reproduce your brand’s look.

●        Serves a purpose, but ideally multiple. Whether that is letting customers know about new sales or adding to a store’s ambiance, every piece of printing must serve a purpose. When you work with an innovative company like Express Image, you can make your retail signage pull double duty and maximize its benefits.

●        Is durable enough to serve its purpose. Floor decals, for example, must be made of tough enough stuff to stand up to being repeatedly walked upon. Your retail signage is an investment, and you deserve it to last. No in store signage printing company knows this better than Express Image! Our more than 70 years of experience has taught us a thing or two, to say the least!

Contact Express Image for All Your Retail Signage Needs

With our proven retail signage results and quick turnaround times, there’s no better choice. Give our St.Paul office a call today at 866-482-8602.


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