Why the New Year Calls for New Signage
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Why the New Year Calls for New Signage

The new year serves as an essential time for retail store owners. From introducing upcoming discounts to preparing to meet the year’s sales goals, there are many reasons why you should plan to add new retail signage to your store.

Retail signage plays a huge role in effectively communicating with customers about everything that’s happening around the store. With the right signage, you’ll be able to increase sales and enhance your brand awareness. If you’re ready to plan for your new retail signage, contact Express Image today at 866-482-8602.

Incorporate New Years Inspiration

Retail signage allows you to incorporate the new years’ sense of inspiration and new beginnings into your advertising. By tying in classic quotes and powerful verbiage that connects to your brand, you’ll be able to direct potential customers to your products and services.

In addition to including meaningful quotes, you can also play into common new years goals. Inspirational signage can help encourage shoppers to utilize your store for all of their new year needs. From workout equipment and classes to essential pieces for new hobbies, your signage can showcase those products and services to potential customers. Show shoppers that there’s no better time to stop into your store and get started on their goals with eyecatching window graphics, banners, and more.

Introduce New Year Sales

The beginning of the year serves as an excellent opportunity for presenting new discounts, products, and services to shoppers. In order to get the word out about these exciting sales or products, you’ll need some eye-catching signage such as shelf-talkers, banners, and window graphics. When the new year strikes, deck your store’s halls with vibrant signage informing your customers of all the ongoings throughout your store.

Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Perhaps you have a few new years goals of your own in regards to your business’s brand awareness. There’s never been a better time to enhance your store’s personality and brand recognition than now! Make your store one-of-kind with retail signage that captures your company’s unique colors and imagery. From pre-spaced graphics to innovative floor graphics, there are several ways you can establish your brand’s colors and images with high-quality signage.

Your Retail Signage Company

If you’re ready to get your business closer to reaching its holiday sales goals, consider adding some new retail signage to your store. Express Image provides fast and efficient printing services for all of your retail signage needs. From logos to banners, we’ve got you covered! To speak with one of our printing experts about your next order, contact Express Image today at 866-482-8602.

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